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Hours of Operation
Saturday: 10:00 am - 6pm
Sunday: 10:00 am - 5pm
Holidays: 10:00 am - 5pm
Hours are subject to change due to events, track maintenance and weather
Please check the home page for updates and track conditions
Day Passes
Main track: $20
Pee-wee/ beginner track TBA
Flat Track TBA
Season Passes
Full Size Bike: $200
Family Pass: $275
Pee wee track is free for season's pass holders with young riders
Family passes are subject to conditions
Welcome to the Super's Cross Track website,

Current updates:

Nov. 3, 2017

The track is closed for the season. Thanks to all the riders that came out in 2017.

Important notice: The pee-wee track is closed as there is some major expansion going on in the area. An improved pee-wee track will be constructed but can't say for certain when it will be open.

After much thought and discussion, it has been decided to no longer allow quads on the track. It was not an easy decision and there were several contributing factors. Small kids on quads will still be allowed.

Until now it has been one of the best kept secrets in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Although the name implies a supercross layout, the track is more like an outdoor European track. The name is an abbreviated version of Super Dave's motocross track. People have been calling me Super Dave for many years and some people only know me as Super Dave so I thought the name Super's Cross track was appropriate.

alberta motocross With the increasing interest in motocross and off-road riding in general, a facility was needed to cater to these riders needs. More and more pressure from environmentalists and restrictions on other riding facilities, have demanded a need for a different type of facility. The concept of Super's Cross Track is to provide a fun, safe, and controlled environment for users. The facility will offer riders a meticulously maintained motocross track for beginners to expert riders, and will also provide a dedicated pee-wee track. A key feature of the facility is that pee-wee riders, with some experience, will also have the opportunity to ride the main track. With most other tracks the focus seems to be towards a supercross style layout with big double jumps and other features that increase the intimidation factor and potential for injuries.

copyright-feeling My concept is to put the "fun" back in riding/racing while still providing a challenging layout. My facility is rather unique in that not only is it privately owned; it is also specifically rezoned for the operation of an off-road vehicle park. The rezoning was done in order to ensure the long term viability of the park. The land was specifically chosen and purchased to be used as a motocross / dirt bike riding area. Having prepped and groomed the marvelous track at Antler Lake for over 10 years, most notably for pro nationals and International Oldtimers events, I have acquired the knowledge and experience to develop a track that appeals to the largest diversity of riders. The park will incorporate a policy of continuous improvements to better cater to the users, as well as a controlled environment with strict guidelines. Being that I own most of the equipment necessary, the track will be groomed and watered on a regular basis. This will provide a safer and more consistent riding experience resulting in higher rider appeal. The land chosen for the park is heavily treed with the added bonus of providing "The Ultimate Riding Experience"! 

Super Dave

I would like to thank the following companies for their generous support of my desire to build the "Ultimate Riding Experience": Millcreek Sand and Gravel, Sherwood Motorcycle, Riverside Honda and Ski-doo, Jet label and Tape, Clever Name web design. Please support these companies.